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For brand owners and trademark professionals who require risk control tools to avoid liability exposures in their trademark law practices.

Madridfiler® is part of CNA’s Lawyers’ Allied Vendor Program for Lawyers’ Professional Liability policyholders. The Program provides CNA Lawyers’ Professional Liability policyholders (U.S. lawyers & law firms) with access to a range of IP risk control tools. Madridfiler®’s tools can assist you in developing critical programs and procedures that may help you avoid and manage professional liability exposures in your trademark law practice.

We believe in making intellectual property information useable and useful by building great risk control tools that provide convenience, efficiency and insight for our customers.

We are the leading trademark automation and refusals management provider.

Our risk control tools identify, measure and manage various types of risks inherent in trademark law practice operations. We help trademark administrators, lawyers and law firms avoid and manage data entry errors and deadline related liability exposures in their practices.

The tools reduce risks, eliminate human errors and delay in:

  • trademark event data and deadline entry, audit, calculation;
  • office action/refusals delivery;
  • managing Madrid Protocol and national office actions/provisional/final refusals (PR) (pricing quotes to respond to PRs, agent selection & instruction); and
  • detecting filing inconsistencies/producing error-free ready-to-file direct national trademark applications from existing applications/registrations in over 91 jurisdictions;

Our model is simple: Provide risk control tools that eliminate the risks, streamline and automate the entire foreign trademark preparation, filing, prosecution, post registration process and docket verification.

Result:Our risk control tools deliver, a significantly lower risk profile, increase efficiency and cost savings.

Our Expertise

Madridfiler is run by a group of enthusiastic professionals who know, dream and breathe IP.

We rely on an incredible team of talented technology and software gurus. Like you, our IP is critical to our business and we want to safeguard it in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Bayo is responsible for the company’s day to day operations and partnerships. He leads the company’s product strategy and development teams. He is an experienced leader, manager and Canadian IP lawyer with over 24 years in the IP industry. Bayo holds law degrees from the Université de Lausanne, Switzerland and University of Ottawa.


Our History

The platforms were developed initially by Ollip P.C., a trademark law firm, and subsequently spun off and commercialized as a separate company in 2012.


The platforms were developed and commercialized with funding from the National Research Council of Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), a Government of Canada initiative, and Torgenrich Ventures.

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Global Headquarters (USA & Canada)

Madridfiler Software Development Corporation (MSDC)

  • Address: Gladwin Business Park
    2212 Gladwin Crescent,Building B, Unit B4
           Ottawa, ON
           K1B 5N1 Canada

  • Phone: +1-613-482-7660

  • Toll Free: +1-866-403-6660

  • Email: info@madridfiler.com

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