Conflicts Policy

By using MADRIDFILER Platform and MSDC’s agents to validate and prepare for filing a trademark application, the applicant and its attorneys agree MSDC’s agents perform only administrative roles. The applicant and its attorneys agree conflicts do not, cannot arise and they will not assert that a conflict was created which would preclude MSDC‘s agents from representing other clients in matters which may be adverse to the applicant or its attorneys. The applicant and its attorneys agree that, at the time of validation and filing, MSDC’s agents do not and did not assess the registrability of a trademark  or consider any obstacles to registration. Subsequent to filing and the issuance of an objection or notification with respect to the application, the applicant and it attorneys and the MSDC agents may determine whether or not a conflict exists which would preclude the MSDC agent firm from performing substantive legal services for the applicant or its attorneys, and in the event a conflict is perceived, the MSDC agent will transfer the application file to an agent of the applicant or its attorneys’ choice.