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NEWBRIDGE is a pre- and post-filing risk control tool. It is designed to eliminate and detect human errors that result from sending, receiving and filing trademark applications based on a foreign application or registration. According to insurance claim surveys, typical human induced errors include:

  • clerical;
  • incomplete information;
  • transposition of numbers; and
  • typographical errors.

NEWBRIDGE eliminates clerical errors, manual data entries and helps manage liability exposures related to foreign counsel errors.

NEWBRIDGE eliminates and detects clerical errors, manual data entries and helps manage liability exposures related to foreign counsel errors. Our critical risk control tools, part of CNA Allied Lawyers Vendor Program, eliminate manual data entry, human error and help manage data error related liability exposures in your trademark law practice.

NEWBRIDGE extracts details from your existing application/registration from one jurisdiction to generate an e-file-ready trademark application for use with national office e-filing system in another jurisdiction.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Enter, for instance, your WIPO/USPTO/CTM or national office number Confirm your application details


NEWBRIDGE audits key information and detects inconsistencies between a base application/registration and any existing foreign application or registration in our databases.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Enter, for instance, the national office number application or registration of the to be audited Confirm your application details


After you pay the invoice, MADRIDFILER will send within one business day an e-file-ready trademark application to your designated agent for filing. Once your application is filed by your designated agent, you will receive a filing notice. The national office will provide an application number and a filing date. Your trademark is not registered in the national office and will be considered a pending application.

In approximately six months or less from the date of filing, the national office will assign an examiner to review your application to determine if all legal requirements are met.

If all the legal requirements are met, your application will be approved. If your designated agent is a Madridfiler agent, Madridfiler will send you a copy of the approval with a quote to take the application to registration barring any opposition or extensions of time.

If all the requirements are not met, the national office will issue an Office Action/Provisional Refusal. You will be able to obtain a fixed fee quote via QUOTIA.

After you pay the invoice, MADRIDFILER will send within one business day an email with a link setting out the audit results of the filed application/registration and its corresponding application upon which the priority or application is based.

  • CAD $ 200

This is the price we charge you to validate and generate an e-file-ready trademark application for Canada.

  • CAD $400 + CAD $250 government filing fee.

No. NEWBRIDGE is a risk control tool to help manage professional liability exposures for brand owners and trademark professionals. With our know-how, technology and internal processes, we streamline the trademark instruction and e-file generation process. We eliminate data intake/input risks. You as a brand owner or trademark professional, in turn, eliminate foreign counsel error related liability. Then, send the NEWBRIDGE generated e-file ready trademark application with confidence to your counsel for upload and filing.

The platform and process have been tested and verified by expert software developers, in combination with our seasoned trademark attorneys and paralegals, to ensure high reliability and integrity with failsafe mechanisms. Furthermore our data warehouse developed with and as part of an innovative research and development commercialization program with IPV Holdings Ltd., a funding recipient from the National Research Council of Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) , a Government of Canada initiative Government of Canada initiative, is secure and reliable. The data is captured, transformed, housed and validated as it is released by the relevant government IP Offices.

Canada does not subscribe to NICE classification, so there is only one government filing fee for up to 45 classes.

Before submitting your final order, an invoice will appear on your screen (copy will also be sent via email). You can pay us either by wire transfer, credit card or cheque. Credit card payments incur an additional bank fee of 3.5%. Banks charge wire transfer fees (to send and receive). When wiring funds, please ensure that any fees charged by the remitting bank (or any intermediary) are covered at your end, to avoid delay in processing your file. We cannot process an order with incomplete payment.

Madridfiler charges users a 3.5% user service fee for each transaction completed on this platform. The fee covers the cost of running the site, processing the transaction, payments and offering live personalized customer service. This is added to the subtotal of agent and government fees, where applicable. The transaction fee is calculated from the subtotal of the agent and government filing fee, where applicable.

No. Canada does not require a power of attorney for filing a trademark application.
No. MADRIDFILER is not an IP agency or law firm. NEWBRIDGE is a technology platform incorporating IP know-how.

No. Data validation and generating e-file-ready application for filing with national office e-filing system in another jurisdiction is a software process. The NEWBRIDGE platform is opinion free, technology neutral and does not require any substantive review of an application. If your designated Agent is a Madridfiler Agent, MADRIDFILER or its agents at the time of validation and subsequent filing do not assess the registrability of a trademark or consider any obstacles to registration. Consequently, MADRIDFILER and its agents at the time of filing only act and perform administrative roles. As such conflicts can arise, see our Conflicts Policy. Click here
All of the above. NEWBRIDGE is for brand owners and trademark professionals who have filed or manage an existing application or registration in another jurisdiction and want to extend the same trademark application or registration into another jurisdiction.

  • Saves duplication of work
  • Reduces time and costs
  • Reduces transposing errors
  • Reliability
  • Data Accuracy
  • Price Certainty – most up to date and file specific fixed pricing
  • Access to IP agent prices comparisons
  • Increased level of service
  • Savings in filing and reporting fees
  • Time - save hours/days seeking quotes from alternate agents

Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform may be temporarily inaccessible. Such risks are minimal and are on par with industry standards such as Amazon web services.
No effect since all you are doing is sending an e-file ready trademark application to your designated agent.  

If at the time of filing you select that you wish to obtain quotes in case of an office action/official notification, MADRIDFILER will send a copy of the office action/official notification to your designated agent(s) and request that they correspond directly and only with you. You will receive a copy of each email sent by MADRIDFILER to your designated agent(s).

Yes. You can. However, the validation process does not verify the accuracy of the limited specified description of goods and services.

The NEWBRIDGE e-file results in savings for both the sending and receiving parties.
Yes , contact us.
Source Last Update Update Frequency
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World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) - Applications/Requests being processed 9/9/2015 Daily
United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) - Active Registrations and Applications 1/24/2021 Daily
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OPA - Austria Patent Office 2/16/2017 Daily
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NIPO - Norwegian Industrial Property Office 2/16/2017 Daily
PPO - Poland 2/16/2017 Daily
INPIPT - Portugal Industrial Property 2/16/2017 Daily
PRV - Sweden 2/16/2017 Daily

QUOTIA manages Madrid Protocol and National office actions or provisional/final refusals (PR) including pricing quotes to respond to PRs, agent selection & instruction.

QUOTIA covers all the Madrid countries including Canada.We rely on our network of agents to provide you quotes and prepare responses on your behalf.

No. You have a choice of obtaining quotes from multiple agents including QUOTIA’s agent and your preferred agent. Once you receive the fixed fee quotes, you decide who you would like to use.

Yes. Absolutely. Using QUOTIA on the other hand is hassle free. It will save you time and costs since you can instruct any and all of your agents from one single screen in multiple jurisdictions.

It is free to request, receive fixed fee quotes, instruct and pay agents. We charge transactions fees to the receiving agents.

Once a week grouped by portfolio and country.