Flat Fee Pricing Features

  Basic: Generate E-file Ready Application Standard: Generate & File E-File Ready Application
CTM € 200 € 400 plus government filing fees
USPTO US $ 200 US $ 400 plus government filing fees
CIPO CAD $ 200 CAD $ 400 plus government filing fees
Please contact us for subscription pricing.
Ready-to-file electronic application complete with agent of choice information
Electronic application compliant with CIPO, CTM & USPTO e-filing systems
Save time required to complete application 5-10 minutes
Easy to follow flow chart
Efficient validation service
Attorney designed process
Reliable and accurate data input
No charges for additional or multiple classes
Attorney managed process
Centralized filing benefit from a national /Madrid Protocol application/registration
Cost: Transaction Fee payable by receiving quoting agent
Provision of free fixed fee quotes to respond to Office Action/Provisional Refusal
Forwarding of Office Action/Provisional Refusal to multiple agents/attorneys by jurisdiction
Foreign agent instruction platform from a single source
Single payment gateway for invoice settlement for multiple agents & jurisdictions
Notification, if Office Action/Provisional Refusal issued, to any agent of choice